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Country Russia
Segment Мужская и женская обувь.


“Ionessi”. Shoe traditions of Siberia!

The factory of footwear manufacture "Ionessi" is one of the oldest light industry enterprises beyond the Urals founded in 1923.

The company specializes in production of men's, women's, in-between season and winter shoes.

We use only high quality leather and natural fur produced both in Russia and abroad for footwear manufacture.

The factory is fitted with modern equipment of leading German, Italian and Russian companies.

Constant monitoring of the technological production process, incoming control of raw materials, test system of manufactured goods - all these advantages allow to claim confidently about the high quality of shoes created by “Ionessi” brand.

“Ionessi” factory is always open for new cooperation.

We offer our partners:

-regular customers loyalty programs;

-test-market sales for new customers;

-placement of order for any size range according to selected models;

-full documentary support for products and consulting;

-promotional items and possibility of holding joint promotional events.


Quality warranty - 90 days.

We are easy and convenient to cooperate with!



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